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11 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

Earning online by blogging is not an easy task. You have to write quality content in order to get attention from your readers.

Sometimes it’s not enough to rank high on search engines first page.

That’s why the importance of using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques need to consider after that.

An article has already been published in this matter on my last article.

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Today I will explain best search engine optimization strategies in details.

Search engine optimization techniques

1. Standard basic writing written on popular contemporary topics.

If you want to earn money by writing on-line, you must consider this issue at first.

It will be clear if an example is given. Think about Newspaper.

Nobody want to read those newspaper which was published yesterday.

Because people do not want to read old news.

If your subject is related with contemporary events then it will attract more visitors.

As a result, the page views of that writings will increase.

Popular search engines, however, determine the quality of your writing in most cases according to page views.

If the article content is stolen from another web page and its not a basic post, viewers will not like it.

As a result, search engines will consider the audience’s interest and delete your article link from the search results.

Best search engine optimization techniques – add interactive content

2. Adding images, audio, video, reference links, etc.

To understand the issue is as easy as you can read the post topics.

This article could be an example of it.

Because you can see, there is a picture given at the beginning of the content.

Where the 2 words of the image “SEO Tips” is telling the subject matter of this article.

This two words says everything of the content and that is, “This is a post about Search Engine Optimization tips and tutorials”.

This is very important for SEO. Because a picture, audio or video link, can easily attract a visitors attention due to its size, shape, or auto-play nature.

Whenever a visitor see such kind of a picture on the monitor screen which he is looking for, it’s naturally attract him and convince him to read it.

Top SEO techniques for selecting blog niche – keyword research

3. Write content after keyword research.

This is just like the first one. But a little different.

In this case, you need to check and select the most important words or keywords from the contemporary event that people search most on the Internet.

After that the words should be sorted by setting the words as the subject of discussion.

Best SEO practices 2019

4. Give the title of the page or post within 60 characters.

Another important aspect of search engine optimization is title.

Write a short sentence within 60 characters which defines the article matter.

5. Use description meta tag within 160 character.

The description meta tag is very important to increase or retain the popularity of a writing.

Because when a search engine displays your text link in its search box, a visitor can initially only see your contents title and description.

So, if the visitor is not interested by reading your title and description then he will not click on your article link.

As a result, you can lost a visitor because of not properly setting up description meta tag of your article.

So, write informative and eye catching description on your description meta so that it can attract visitors attention and convince him to read.

It is advised to restrict your description to 160 characters or less. Anything more can be considered spam or keyword stuffing by search engines.

Description meta tag is not considered for ranking but only to show snippets in the search results.

6. Use popular keyword in keyword meta tag which is also related with your writings.

I already said about the keyword. Add your selected keywords in keyword meta tag just below the description meta tag.

Avoid duplicate content making for proper SEO

7. Use canonical URL tags.

The canonical URL define which version of your content will be used for indexing to avoid Content Duplicacy.

The use of canonical url tag for search engine optimization is very important.

Because canonical url tags protect a specific article from duplication.

8. Use the headlines (h1 – h6) properly.

When the whole writing is arranged through the headlines, the article looks easy to read.

So it also helps the audience to understand the content of the article.

It’s is also make ease for search engines too in order to read article content properly.

9. Image optimization.

The search engine can’t see the image provided on a web page.

They use the alternative tag of the image to store its information on database.

If it does not find an Alt tag then it can not stored or archived in the database and marks the web page as faulty.

Therefore, to come out at the top of search engine results, you must correctly optimize each image with an alt tag.

Link building for SEO

10. On page Link Building

On-page link building means connecting with other web page on the same website.

Suppose, you have at least 30 pages on your website.

The search engines follow the page links of the pages to read or scan other pages of the site.

After scanning a page, if they find a link on that page which is connected with other page of the same site then it follow the link to reach that page and scan it after that.

If the search engine reached your websites web page with an incoming link, but did not find any other connected link in your web page of the same site, what will happen then?

Simple answer, it goes away to scanned another website without scanning any other pages of your website.

So it’s very important for a web developer to properly manage on-page link building method for search engine optimization.

Off page SEO techniques for increasing popularity of a website

11. Off page link building

Off page link building is a complex matter.

But for the proper understanding I give a little information here.

Suppose, you have started a business. But your business store is not in a place where people can easily find you.

So, what do you do for your business promotion?

Advertising, campaigning, banner, poster, leaflet publishing and distributing, on-line, off-line advertisement, advertise on magazine or television, etc.

Why do you do that?

It’s all for promoting your business.

Off page link building is exactly just like that.

That means, it’s an attempt or initiative to promote your website in front of unknown audience or visitors by advertising your website into another web media which is outside of the boundaries of your website.

How to do off page SEO?
  • Social media marketing.
  • Direct advertising on popular search engine.
  • Facebook or Twitter advertising.
  • Back-link creation.
  • Directory submission.
  • Email marketing.
  • Forum posting, etc.

That’s the end for today.

If you like the post or have any questions, please drop your comment in the comment box.

Sabber Ahmad Rahiq

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