The Real Truth About Blogging

The Truth About Blogging That No One Talks About


May be you are here because you are interested in blogging; right?

It’s ok. I can see, lots of of people now these days are searching for the way to make some quick cash by starting a money making blog.

It’s good. I appreciate it.

But …

Do you think that you are smart enough to make money online easily?

I will show you today the heart breaking truth about blogging that no one talks about or you don’t heard from anyone else.

So, at first; let’s start to find out some important information about the importance of blog making.

Do you read my previous post which is written about this matter mentioned above?

If not then you can read it from here given below.

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So, what do you learn from that post about blogging?

That, you can earn lots of money online if you can create and manage a blog site successfully.

But at first, stop at this point and think the importance of the words given below which is underlined earlier,

How To Create and Manage A Blog Site Successfully?

In this complete guideline I will try to figure out the answer in step by step.

The answer is not as easy as someone said in their articles you can see on various blog post.

Even, it’s so complicated if you wish to earn reasonable amount of money each month by online blogging.

One of the ugly truth about blogging is;

Blogging isn’t easy.

It takes a lot of time to set up your blog.

You have to choose right hosting partner as per your requirement.

Your blog needs attractive layout and design. You need to make sure that your blog looks good to see.

You need to keep eye on security related issues on schedule basis so that you can prevent your blog from being hijacked or server down related problems.

Then, you have to create, publish and share lots of informative and high quality articles until your blog can build some momentum on the net.

So, this is not an easy task. You have lots of work to do in order to make a blog successful.

Let’s start now to do that possible,

First step to launch a successful blog,

#1 Build Your Blog On Rock Solid Foundation

First of all, register a domain name based on your blog niche from NameCheap which you can use for your blog address.

Then host your domain in a secured and fast loading hosting platform.

If you asked me that which web host is best for blogging?

My answer is and always will be HostGator.

You can choose it without any doubt. Because, their hosting server is not only secured but also fast and hassle free.

You know, if you want to expect best performance then you have to decide right at the first step of the long run of blogging.

Choosing a top class and best in the business on web hosting industry is just like the same.

If you prefer cloud hosting then I have to say that you can choose Cloudways for your next blog host.

Ask me why? Answer is on the banner ad given below,

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

The next step is to design your blog with professional look.

It will be good if you can do it in your own hand. Otherwise, you can hire Fiverr professional to do that job for you.

The next step is to create compelling content,

#2 Write With Passion

Blog isn’t only for professional writer’s.

But if you don’t have writings spirits and skills; then I must say, don’t waste your time to make a blog.

Specially which you want to build for earning money online.

Whatever you think, believe and dream; sketch it with the combination of text and images on your article.

Same things is applicable for me too.

Whenever I write something on my blog, it’s came from the deep of my heart.

It’s true that I make this blog for earning money in mind.

But, it’s not the last word about blogging for me.

This blog is like a child for me.

So, I want to take care of it like a baby which is almost 1 years old now.

Do you expect financial support from your baby when they were in the growing age?

Obviously not.

So I decide to give it some time to grow up as like as others do.

The Real Mystery About Blogging that No One Talks About

I have no other option too!

Because, in this long 12 month; this blog provide me $0 cash returns.

Everything, every possible effort, tricks and technique including social media marketing, search engine optimization, link building, etc; I applied to increase visitor of my blog.

But, at the end of the day when I saw my blog stats, it show 0 to 5 visitor views.

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So, the result is the same as expected.

No visitors, No earn!!!

All of the Google AdSense Ads or Domain Name Registrar NameCheap affiliate marketing links remains useless till now.

Even one of the best web hosting provider of the world; HostGator hosting sales through my blog remains nill since last 1 year.

But, in spite of that I didn’t loose my hope and quite blogging.

Because, I know the hard truth before I get in myself into blogging.

I know, growing a blog takes time.

It takes consistent sharing of great content for months and months on end.

Usually, it takes most people about two years to get big and successful.

This means that if you want to own a successful and demanding blog site then you must keep patience and need to see your growth is as slow and steady just as the traffic coming to your site is slow and steady.

If it’s happens with you too.

Then, what do you need to do?

Third Step to Create A Successful Blog

#3 Learn Some Tips and Tricks in order to Increase Visitor and Use it Whenever Necessary

You have to know how to impress others.

I mean your blog visitor.

Because, only audience or blog readers can make a blog successful.

If you can’t impress your blog visitor enough to read your blog post then they will not come back to read your next article.

So, keep this in mind before writing a single word for your blog.

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Always Write For Simple Man

Before moving a step forward, think about yourself.

Who You Are?

Answer of this question depends on your social position, work, status, etc. etc.

It’s make value when you are on working area.

When you are surrounded by the people.

But, when you are at home, alone then it’s doesn’t make any sense to you.

At home, all of us want to stay as a simple man, remain as a simple man who loves to spend his free time freely.

At that time all kinds of complexity irritate us.

It’s a human nature which doesn’t change till end of the time and civilization.

So, if you look at the mirror and want to see yourself then you can see, all of us are actually a simple man by heart who loves simplicity.

It’s true for me and I believe that it’s true for all of us who spend few hours in a day on the net.

Whenever I read something, I prefer to read those articles which is written in simple words. Which is easy to understand.

That’s why I suggest all of them who want to be a successful blogger, write your blog post in simple meaningful words.

The Fourth Step of Successful Blog Making

#4 How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

It depends on your blogs popularity or visitor demands.

If your blog is new then it’s better to update your blog on daily basis.

Need to get high ranking in Google search result, then try to update your blog on scheduled time frequently.

Try to post fresh and informative article on every weak so that your visitor or followers remain connected and never forget you.

Always, keep your eyes on blog stats and try to figure out; which articles your visitor liked the most.

Try to update your old articles too on regular basis with up to date information.

Fifth Step of Creating An Appealing Blog Site

#5 Share Your Writings on Social Platforms and Be Social

Use social media sharing plugins in your blog so that your visitor can share your articles on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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You have to share your own writings on social media too on regular basis in order to get attention of your friends and followers.

Be social. Always stay connected with friends and followers using email and social sites.

Reply each and every comments, feedback regularly so that your visitor doesn’t feel alone while visiting your blog.

Encourage them to visit your site regularly and share their thoughts and queries.

Sixth Step to Make A Successful Blog Site

#6 Monetize Your Blog


You can monetize your blog and earn money online in this method given below,

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Google AdSense
  3. Email marketing
  4. Ebooks sell
  5. Provide online course
  6. Sell digital products
  7. Value added services
  8. Sponsor article
  9. E-Commerce business
  10. Drop shipping
  11. Sell adspace
  12. Website flipping

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That’s the end for today. Thanks for reading.

If you liked my post then please share it whenever you want.

If you have any queries regarding online money making tips and tricks then ask me using comments form.

I will try my best to answer your question.

Thanks again,
Sabber Ahmad Rahiq

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